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10. Wedding details for a special celebration.

1-Consider making something for your wedding such as hand-crafted favors or décor. It is the ultimate touch! However leave out all those activities like floral , décor, wedding cake baking, etc. that require some skills and quite a bit of time the week and the day of your wedding. The week leading the big day can be quite stressful and the day of the wedding all your focus should be on be a blushing bride and enjoy the day. Period!

2- As you consider your wedding's color, imagine how they will look on your stationary, attendants dresses, flowers, even your cake. But choose a combination you love. It is YOUR wedding!

3-Chose a special perfume for your wedding day. The scent will forever be linked to the memory.

4-Some delightful alternative to throwing rice include tiny flowers, sunflowers seeds, bubbles, feathers. Make sure you check with your venue.

5- The song choice for your first dance is the perfect opportunity to let your personality as a couple shine. It it has a special meaning it doesn't have to be a traditional first-dance song.

6- Ask your coordinator to grant yourself a few moments of solitude on your wedding day for just the 2 of you to relax, reflect and look each other in the eyes.

7- When you open your gifts immediately record who gave you what. You'll want to refer to the gift in the thank -you note.

8- Definitely give your photographer direction and wish list but leave room for spontaneity.

9. If your celebrations will go on all day , avoid a large heavy bouquet. Your arms will thank you!

10- When designing your reception bring in different style of furniture and decors that work together to create a mix of classic items and more modern pieces.

Hope all these point will be helpful to build a celebration of a lifetime. For everything else I am just a click away!

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