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15 Ways to personalize your wedding.

Are you looking for ways to personalize your wedding? Thoughtful details, from pet-centric centerpieces to cocktail hour magicians, will guarantee that your wedding will be remembered by every guest in attendance. 15 Unique Wedding Features

  1. Don’t sacrifice style in your quest for safety. For a distinctly 2020 vibe, provide face masks for your wedding party and your guests. It’s thoughtful for anyone who may have forgotten one, and it’s a fresh way to incorporate your color scheme or theme.

  2. Weddings are getting smaller and more personalized. Incorporating cultural traditions into your ceremony will add to this feeling of intimacy. Jump the broom, light unity candles, pour sand or break the glass — just make it memorable for you as a couple.

3. For a destination wedding, consider incorporating local customs as well. In New Orleans, for example, a post-wedding second line parade is encouraged, even for out-of-towners.

4. Pay homage to your heritage by including family recipes on your menu. That doesn’t mean your dad has to cook — just tell the caterer how to make his best dish or include a favorite family ingredient.

5. Include your pets! If your furry friend cannot attend, honor them with a cake topper or signature drink named after them.

6. Go for an unexpected cake color. Vibrant, multicolored weddings are in vogue.

7. Or wear a colorful dress! There’s no reason you have to stick with white. The trend these days is to go bold with your personal style — that can also mean wearing pants or a skirt instead of a dress. If your personal style is classic and understated, it’s perfectly fine to go that route.

8. Provide favors that are both practical and thoughtful. If you met at a bar, how about tiny bottles of alcohol or wine? If your first date was at a coffee shop, send guests away with coffee beans. If you love to travel together, luggage tags are fun and useful.

9. Attempt a zero-waste wedding. More couples are upcycling and pledging to commit to an eco-friendly wedding by sharing wedding day décor with other couples using their venue, buying paper instead of plastic straws, serving a locally sourced or vegan menu, forgoing paper invitations in favor of digital ones, selecting a hotel with a good recycling reputation and more.

10. If you’re planning the wedding yourselves, why not eliminate waste further by renting table settings and florals to be delivered directly to your home? Companies like Hestia Harlow provide this hassle-free service that’s perfect for small, DIY weddings.

11. Wedding cocktail hours and receptions are getting creative with entertainment options. Bring tarot card readers, comedians, magicians or poets for guests to interact with. This added experience gives the people who don’t like dancing something else to do.

12. The interactive element extends to food stations. Set up a bar with mixology lessons, s’mores stations or an olive oil tasting station.

13. Get aerial footage of your big day with the use of drones for videography. Some photographers are also using this technology for dramatic shots of the whole scene.

14. Think edible flowers when it comes to decorating cakes and garnishing cocktails. Rose petals, violet and hibiscus on drinks are almost (but not quite) too pretty to eat.

15. Couples are taking the registry opportunity to raise money for things they really want, like donations to their favorite causes, a down payment on a house or a honeymoon of their dreams. Think beyond the typical kitchen goods.

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