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Coronavirus: Postpone your wedding to....When?

In an attempt to keep myself ,my team and my lovely couples connected ,informed and positive I hosted an online meeting /conference the other day.

At one point a groom to be asked me : "so when it will be safe for us to travel again ? When will be the best time for us to reschedule our wedding with confidence?"....

Isn't this what all we would like to know?

I am a very down to earth person and I am not going to sugar coat this for you : we are all being tested with this ugly situation. Everybody is touched and affected but together we will get through it.

In this global drastic general situation I really feel for the couples that had to postpone their wedding plans. I am well aware that each date was chosen because meaningful and special . I do understand how sad and frustrated brides and groom feel and the thoughts that alternate on their minds like: " if we reschedule too soon will we expose our-self and our guests to the virus? Will we be quarantine away from home? We will loose money? We will be judged because we want to celebrate ? Do we have to put all our dreams on hold and cancel everything?"

The things that I suggest my couples and all the couples doing is to " keep their head on the game". First of all, for now, let's keep social media like an entertainment tool and a very valuable way to stay in contact with loved ones but not like an absolute valid source of information.

If you are looking for info these are the sites that I suggest consulting:

- Center of Disease Control

- World Health Organization

- Department of Homeland Security

But let's go back to the main question. Postponing to when?

Understand that the focus here is your health and safety .

Each situation needs a specific evaluation and it is paramount to keep the conversation open with your "crew " of vendors, planners,specialist, travel agents, insurance, family and friends etc. to keep up with the info and options that are available to you and your particular scenario. Remember that you are not alone and each professional really wants to help you.

One last suggestion ( for you and a reminder to me as well) : stay away from negative people. They drag you down while right now we need all the positive vibes we can.

Stay positive , stay strong, stay safe and keep planning your magnificent day.

This will pass.

And in the mid time ,if you need help in taking advantage of all the amazing offers available right now for destination weddings, honeymoons and romantic travels remember that we are only a click away HERE.

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