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Destination Wedding. Where to Start?

So, you really are in love with the idea of a destination wedding but you do not know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed ?

Remember that even the best chefs follow recipes for their best dishes! And which ingredients, together on how to add them together makes a big difference on the final result.

We really believe planning your wedding should be a blissful, joyful and happy experience. That is why we want to make it easy and stress free for you !

Here are 10 questions in order to build the blue print of your very own unique Destination Wedding.

Now that you have all the elements you have 2 choices. Spend countless hours trying to figure out how to do this by yourself searching for wedding vendors , legal requirements ,travel and logistics solutions for you and your guests or contact us and have your own "fairy god mother" at your side to build a proposal that not only will cater to your specific needs but that will make sure you will receive all the whistles and bells your special day deserve.

Happy Planning!

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