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Got Engaged? What you need to know to plan a destination wedding during Covid-19

So you go engaged ( congrats!) but you do not have a clue what kind of wedding you will be able to plan during Covid-19?

Well, sit tight because if it is true that we are going trough an unprecedented time let me remind you that love doesn’t stop! Love prevail and always win! ( do you hear the majestic music playing on the background?)

Ok , seriously now:where there is a will there is a way and I just want to share with you some insight of what is going on on the wedding industry right now and maybe, hopefully, I can inspire you to have the best wedding celebration ever.

Destination Weddings were on the rise before Covid and even if all this situation put a temporary stop to our traveling I really do not see this trend change. I really believe this kind of celebrations will increase as well as elegant elopements.

Picture courtesy Velas Resorts

Welcome to the new era of the Micro Weddings : smaller guests list but with tons of style, where the attentions to the details and everybody enjoyment will reach an all different level.

Here is what is happening right now.


In order to comply with new rules and regulations venues are changing their max capacity and they will be able to accommodate fewer guests. Brides and grooms are re-directing their budget from the original plans: from have to invite the second cousin third removed ( Just an example here) to more exclusive settings, paradise locations, with more amenities for fewer closer family members and friends.

Photo By Amezcua & Ana Jerome & Daniel Jireh

Welcome back sit down dinner:

Buffet style celebrations are taking the bench for a little bit,while sit down dinners are taking center stage. So relax, kick back and let the pro serve you. I never minded buffet or food stations but sit down service is always been the top so…who is complaining?

Will you still need a wedding planner?

Oh yes! Not only you need somebody to suggest you how to pivot your budget for a wedding celebration that can stretch your dollar power but contracts and cancellations terms are getting quite crazy so a professional on your side to help guide you to ensure the terms are reasonable and friendly should the need to cancel or postpone arise is a must. Also planners can suggest you sound resorts and venues that can weather the economic storm and can give you added piece of mind.

Photo : Jeremy Chou

Number of weddings per day

Some destination wedding resorts will likely give the ok to fewer wedding per day. I was never a fun to resorts or venues having multiple celebrations at the same time so if this makes me very happy this mean that if you have your eye on a specific resort or venue you will need to move quickly to book your date. Remember that this year the amount of postponed weddings is massive and all those bride will have the first choice. Do not wait too long to get your plans in motions.

Is this the end of dancing?.

Absolutely Not. Dance floors will be larger to help with social distancing . For most resorts and venues this will be part of their protocols to help you celebrate while respecting the rules.

Photo by Velas Resort

Highest Hygiene protocols

This point is key for everybody safety and well being .It is absolutely paramount to partner with reputable venues and resorts brand that have the highest hygiene protocols in place so that staff and vendors have precise guidelines while you and your guests feel comfortable every step of the way.

As I am Writing this ( August 2020) my travel agent friend just got back from Riviera Maya, Mexico which is already open to receive international travelers . She really had a great time at one of our preferred resorts and she documented her travel and stay….

Airlines offer reasonable rates and certified resort prices are quite low at the moment.

For this reason I feel confident in telling you that NOW it is the perfect time to start planning your destination wedding or elopement for 2021.

Are you interested in more news and tips on destination weddings and romantic getaways? Let’s be social on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Would you like to book a complimentary consultation to see if a destination wedding is the answer to your dreams? I will love to hear from you.

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