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Post-Covid Destination Weddings. Better than ever option.

Why a destination wedding option right now makes more sense than ever?

Photo courtesy Velar Resorts- Puerto Vallarta- Mariano Hotto & Juan Euan

It might sound crazy but before jumping to conclusions hear me out.

It’s no secret that the Corona-virus really messed things up. Social distancing has become a heavily pushed way of life for now with rules in place to ban big gatherings. I’d like to think this will soon be lifted and we will go back to big lavish weddings celebration in no time but I am afraid we can all agree it will take a bit of time to go back to all that.

Photo courtesy Sandals Resorts

However , sizing down your guests list doesn’t mean giving up on an amazing celebration . To the contrary! Having less guests can result in directing the budget to unforgettable wedding getaway.

Photo Courtesy Velas Resort- Puerto Vallarta

First of all. to make things right, you will need to have a destination wedding specialist on your side like ExclusiveWedMoons to help you find:

1-locations that are safe ,open and have travel friendly procedure

2- top notch resorts that are open , have rules and protocols in place for everybody safety and if- worst case scenario-we will be faced with another global lock-down situation will offer flexibility in cancelling or postponing the event.

3- amazing wedding design and wedding itinerary that will make your wedding day a dream come true and will make you forget the idea of 300 or more guests while you and your resized guests list will be totally pampered in a paradise setting.

Picture courtesy Sandals Montego Bay

Yes it is true, the hospitality industry was hit very badly. It is for this precise reason that resort are doing an amazing job to have high sanitation protocol , high service level and an incredible eye to details to make sure their guests will be safe, spoiled and very, very happy.

It require a bit of homework but you have the chance to take advantage of all this. i

If you are still on the fence about planning a wedding right now please read also "Believe it or not NOW is the best time to plan a Destination Wedding

Would you like to book a complimentary consultation with me to find out if a destination wedding is the right option for you? I will love to hear from you and learn about your unique love story.

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