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The 5 must have the "MORNING-OF" your wedding

You have spent months , sometimes years, planning your wedding celebration and I really hope you invested in a great wedding coordinator to keep you on track with all the different elements that will make your day a memorable and joyful day.

Here are the 5 MUST HAVE:

1- Get ready check list: this is something you should have discussed with your coordinator and it should be on your night stand the evening before your wedding day. Believe me having a note with all the last reminders will make the difference between a good night sleep and a tossing and moving all night worrying you will forget things next morning.

2-Heve a cute hunger for your wedding gown. Your photographer will want to take some pic of your beautiful dress together with your shoes and accessories, before you will wear it.

Make any image count to help tell the story of your beautiful day .Even a personalized or original cute hunger will make the difference.

3-Marriage License. Your officiant will need to sign the paperwork to make your union official. Whatever you do, colorful envelop, stickers, or putting your maid of honor in charge, this is something you can not forget home or at your hotel.

4-Rings. The rings exchange will have a place of honor in your ceremony .They are the symbol of your commitment to each other and everybody from your photographer to your grandma will want more than a pick to your lovely wedding bands. Make sure they are polished, shining and picture perfect. Which brings up another important point: make sure your manicure and the one of your fiancée' is spot on!

5- I know: you dream about this day your entire life and it is quite normal filing nervous about the flow of the day, the flowers, the food, the weather, the limo. the DJ etc. etc... however remember the most important thing...Your smile and the fact you are celebrating the union with the love of your life. A happy couple is the most beautiful element of the day, above the decor, the weather, the music and even the venue so remember to look each other in the eyes often and to fully enjoy your wedding day.

Planning a wedding can became a very overwhelming process and if YouTube videos and tutorial can be quite helpful and fun for minor projects and craft I strongly suggest you to stay away from "weekend warriors" and not to gamble with one of the most important days of your life.

The input of a professional in this case is priceless and can make a huge difference .

Do you need help? We offer 30 complimentary consultation. Book yours here .

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