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How to travel with your Wedding Dress to your Destination Wedding

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

How to get your dress to your destination wedding is something that should definitely be on your list of considerations when you start shopping for your wedding dress.

If you will have a beach wedding in the tropics it will be smart to think at a light fabric and a design that will not make you pass out for the hit. If however the dress of your dreams is an elaborate ball gown with a dramatic train, it may not be the easiest to carry on but ….you have packing options and we will get to it in a moment.

No matter what! Trust me –DO Not- I repeat- Do not check in your dress when you fly ! You really do not want a lost wedding dress with only days until your wedding. If any airline tries to make you check it – this is the time to bring on the bridal tears and ….no you did not hear this from me . LOL!

Ok No Panic! Breath and calm down because you are allowed to fly with your wedding dress as your carry-on item on every major airline we asked, and so you should ( YAY!).

Please be sure to double check with your airline about their exact policy for carrying on a wedding dress, but you are probably going to find them pretty accommodating with your beloved gown when you travel.

No matter if your dress will be under your nose for the entire flight still be sure to clearly label it with your name, email address, and contact details of your destination, just in case....Always better safe than sorry!

Let’s get to the different way to carry your wedding dress

First of all make sure your bridal shop knows you will be travelling with your dress so that they can show you and suggest you the best way to fold your particular dress to minimize wrinkles.

You can opt for a garment bag.

In this case arrive at the gate early, and arrange for the attendant to hang your dress in their available closet space. Some airlines offer a pre-load feature for your dress if you call ahead and if available. If not, then gently lay your dress over the bags in the overhead bin, while remembering to be considerate to the other travelers and their bags.

You might go for a vacuumed bag.

If your wedding gown is layers of tulle and chiffon, then a vacuum bag. Might be the perfect solution. Simply pack your dress while inside its garment bag into a vacuum bag of the same length, and then suck all the air out. Then you can pack that into a tri-fold carry-on .Just be sure to double check that the finished product meets the carry-on measurements of the airline.

Carry on suitcase

It might come as a no brainier but I invite you to be careful and use the following precautions:

- choose a hard shell suitcase to protect your dress from any spills or rain during travel and even so I will try to fold the dress in a clear plastic bag.

- turn your dress inside out before folding it to protect any delicate details

- put white tissue paper in between every fold as you fold your dress

-do not pack other items with it that could tear it or damage it in anyway.

Specially designed boxes

You can find online specially designed boxes for your wedding dress that meet the carry-on size requirements for most airlines and charters. They come with everything you need to pack your dress . It cost around $70 . Check it out here

The "rockstar"way

If price is not an issue you can follow AXL ROSE, singer of the Guns N'Rose,reasoning...

This romantic fellow , based on the declarations of his assistant Craig Duswalt at the time,

while on tour he wanted to send a stuffed elephant to his Victoria Secret's model girlfriend for Valentine's day. Being a bit late for "normal ways"( UPS. DHL etc ) he booked a seat to the concord for the stuffed elephant. Yah! You got it right! And than they say romanticism is dead...

So back to the dress! If price is not an issue you can buy a ticket for your dress and travel next to it. You will have an extra bag to check in and extra elbow space...just saying.

Do you have questions? Did you travel with your dress and you want to share your experience? Please do!

Are you considering a destination wedding in the Caribbean?

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