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Trendy Beach Wedding Ceremony Inspirations

Are you looking for some ideas for your destination wedding in the tropics or beach wedding? We love design amazing weddings for our brides and here are some ideas for you

Pampas decor are very trendy right now and what about ditching the idea of the traditional arch ?

Elopement on the beach with the arch that convert to a cabana for your very romantic tet-a-tet overlooking the ocean

For the original, boho bride why not having few pillows around?

Foto courtesy Velas Resort by

The trick is on the details and here you have plenty from the sashes to the flowers in the back of each chair .Foto courtesy Sandals Weddings

Let's keep it organic with brunches greenery and a bunch of white roses and hydrangeas -Photo courtesy Velas Resorts

Colorful glass and marine theme. Is this your style?

Photo courtesy Sandals resorts

Flowers here flowers there, flowers everywhere for a very elegant celebration.

Photo courtesy Velas Resorts

Add some color for a bold statement.

Romantic and elegant with white flowers so that the blue sky and ocean can pop out.

A splash a color and a tropical vibe to make it original. Photo courtesy Velas resorts.

Why not taking advantage of nature around? Few palm leaves and some bougainvillea and here you have a super tropical setting

Do you like flowers? Here is the " circle of love". A new trend for wedding arches

Why not making a statement with a bold fabric draping? A vary pink affair!

So did you find something you like? Which one is you favorite design?

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed by your destination wedding plans please grab our free guide with the 8 essential steps to a flawless destination wedding HERE.

If you would like to take advantage of 30 min free consultation with a destination wedding designer specialist please do not be shy and book your consultation HERE. we will love to assist you in creating your very special wedding day.

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