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Turks & Caicos. What to expect after Covid-19

Good news!

Turks & Caicos will be ready to welcome back international travelers starting on July 22nd.

Please note that Turks & Caicos had just 12 confirmed cases of Covid_19 and it is been contagious free already for several weeks now. Nerveless this period of isolation from the rest of the world was put in good use to train hotel staff and islands' hospitality industry on new procedures to guarantee health safety and make guests feel welcome while caring for the overall well-being of all.

Mrs Karen Whitt of the Hartling Group gave a nice presentations today ( May 3rd) on what you can expect while visiting one of the lovely properties of T&C. Here a run down

1- No more hand shakes -at list for now-

Instead the new greeting will be the hand palm over the heart.

2- No more cold towels to freshen up at your arrival

Do not worry too much tho; hot towels infused of sanitizer will be there to welcome you.

3- No more collateral material in your room

Instead at the check in you will be presented with a fresh pen, notes, and brochure. This to make sure that material will be just yours and nobody will be handling it but you.

4- Extensive new housekeeping procedure

A new strict protocol is been implemented to make sure all surfaces (hard and soft) of your room are sanitized before your arrival and after your departure. To guarantee a thoughtful process the occupancy rate will be kept low and check in staggered.

5. Expect your luggage to be sanitized at your arrival

6 No more buffet

Instead a service a la carte to avoid gathering and utensils sharing. Also, they are boosting room service in case guests prefer this solution to the resort’s restaurants

If you were waiting for new grand re-opening offers I am sorry to say that because of investments on new protocols and safety together of lost income during the closure most of the resorts are not in the position to lower their prices . But if this change in any way and fashion be sure we will let you know.

What is expected from the guests right now?

1- Respect personal distances at the lobby, pool, and beach.

2- Be submitted to temperature checks if asked

3- Use taxi and services appointed by the hotel to make sure they are all respecting the new safety protocol in place

Note; even if a mask will be provided you will not be obligated to wear it in public areas like pool and beach.

So what do you think? Feeling better that your health and safety are taking in great consideration to guarantee an enjoyable and safe stay abroad or do you feel all this precautions are restricting your freedom?

Please share your thoughts and if you are considering booking your stay in Turks & Caicos or you would like to have more information about honeymoons or destination weddings in the tropics feel free to contact us here

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