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Wedding Music

For some couples choosing the music for their special day is not so easy.

They struggle to find something that really represent them both . Or sometimes they know what they like but they are afraid their choices clash with the style of their wedding.

" Is that song too formal for my beach ceremony?" " I like country music but my fiance' family is from China and I am not sure it will be the best choice..."

Well, there are very good news: there is so much amazing music out there to choose from that there is no doubt at all you will be able to create your very own wedding sound track. And yes you have tools and people that can help you on your quest.

The very first thing is sitting down with you fiancee' and brainstorm on the kind of ceremony you would like to have . Will it be traditional/formal, fun and casual, or chic and romantic? Music is such and amazing element to help set the mood of your event. In the past I had a bit of everything: from professional music producers playing their last success during the procession to a singer composing a song for the entrance of their bride to people that tied the knot with Star Wars theme song playing in the background. From a harpist that was ask to play "Mission Impossible" to opera singers performing the "Ave Maria".

And then there is the reception part of the celebration where your musical choices can really go wild. If you want to host an enjoyable celebration please try to follow one simple rule: Respect ! Try to avoid songs with foul language or anything that will be offensive to your families and guests.

So who can help you find the perfect music ? If you will have a DJ at your wedding that should be the perfect person to ask advises to. If your sister ( for example) is "The Music Expert" ask her to give you some ideas .

One source that we are very happy to suggest is this the following:

We subscribed to their newsletter so every month we receive updates on what is new, what is trendy and what is an evergreen for ceremonies for first dance and reception music.

One last tip: if you did your homework and created the best playlist of the century why not burn some cd and give it to your guests as favors at the end of your celebrations? It will be a super unique and lovely idea to say thank you and for your guests to continue dance on your wedding tunes even years after your wedding day. Plus, what an gift will be for the two of you to have your wedding music on your 10th 25th and 50th anniversary!

Do you have any other tip you would like to share? We will love to hear it

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