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What is" the most romantic dinner experience" for you?

I really have a hard time when somebody try to convince me on an absolutist concept.

Like " the most beautiful man in the world" , " the best food you ever tried" " the best hotel ever" and so on. To me all this self proclamation or third party opinions turn me off instantly.

Is that me?

The idea that somebody knowing absolutely nothing about me, my taste, my style etc. try to make me accept their opinion as the best option and try to influence my choice is upsetting.

So here comes a nice blog post by the Bridal Guide with this title:

"The most romantic dinner experience on Earth"

For sure they are showing 3 nice restaurant that can be very appealing to some but.... I am

thinking at MY concept of romantic dinner and what comes to mind is a private dinner that me and my husband had at the terrace in a resort in Costa Rica try to count the endless fireflies, it is a pick-nick basket on the beach at sunset in Sicily waiting for the stars to appear, it is pizza in a tiny pizzeria in the heart of Rome where my husband had to set up the table for the 2 of us, it is a sandwich eaten on the floor in the middle of moving boxes in the house where my daughter was born...

We are all different and what is important to me, or in this case romantic, might not be for the next person. I am well aware of this .This is why it is so important to me to get to know my clients before suggesting any location, resort, wedding element and service.I want to know what they like, dislikes, their vision and desires for their destination wedding and /or their romantic getaway.

Then ,and only then I can say: " I found the perfect location FOR YOU!".

But let's circle back to the most romantic dinner experience on Earth... Please help me to prove my point and share what was the most romantic dinner experience for you.

I really love to know.

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