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Where to go for your honeymoon if you want to go NOW!

I Know these are really crazy times. Probably you hold your breath for months in hope you could still celebrate your wedding day. You changed your guests list you made it as special as you could given all the new rules and regulations . Do you have to give up the dream of a lifetime of a romantic honeymoon? Do you have to put it on hold?

This is the very good news: you do not have to!

This last few months was a challenge for all of us and there is nobody that can honestly state they can not wait to travel, explore, be and feel free once again.

The Covid situation is not under control yet so we are all still very caution and scared: "Is it safe? what can I expect form airports, form airplane carries company, the resorts and the foreign country?" Not knowing it is a really scary feeling for the travelers and for us , conscious romance traveling specialist advisors, that love suggesting paradise locations but love more happy and safe clients.

For this reason I am so grateful for Tami Santini that " took one for the team" and virtually brought a bunch of romance travel consultant like us at Exclusive Wed Moons on her trip to Mexico Riviera Maya to show that it is absolutely possible to travel to Mexico right now , they are taking all the possible measure to keep everybody safe while pampering their guests as much as possible . Please check her travel journal here with pictures, videos and all the info about traveling to the beautiful Hyatt Ziva in Riviera Maya.

Are you feeling better now that we showed you what to expect going for a nice getaway to Riviera Maya-Mexico?

Do you have more questions? We are here for you! Book your complimentary consultation here , find out about the amazing deal valid if you book in August 2020 for a trip before December 20th 2020 and let's get you to your beautiful all- inclusive honeymoon.

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