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Why considering a Destination Wedding

Updated: May 6, 2020

Are you not sure if a Destination Wedding is the right solution to the celebration of your dreams? Well, Let's see If I can help you and point you on the right path.

Bragging rights!

Who says your special day has to be just like everyone else’s? Maybe you and your partner want a nontraditional celebration surrounded by only your closest friends and family in a neutral paradise location that will offer you bragging rights! Why not going for a magical destination that will offer a unique experience to you and your guests and that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. After all, isn’t that the point?

It’s Convenient

What’s more convenient, than having your ceremony, reception, and accommodations right there for everyone in one place? So, say goodbye to back-and-forth car rides, traffic delete and stress, and say hello to all-inclusiveness and relaxation.

It’s Romantic

what’s more romantic than saying “I do” in paradise? On top of the white-sand beaches, sparkling waters, and breathtaking views –it doesn’t get much more romantic than that! Oh, and did I mention that we can assist you to customize a wedding package to fit your taste and preferences? That’s right no matter the location –our partners love spoiling brides and grooms!

It’s Surprisingly Affordable

Considering the AVERAGE American wedding can cost over $30,000 –destination weddings have become increasingly popular! Why, you ask? Well, most destination wedding costs about a third of traditional weddings –making it a cost-conscious a super high-value option and well above the vanilla average. Don’t believe us? Then just ask us for a quote today!

Would you like to know more on how to plan your destination wedding? Click here for a free video on " 8 must know for a well planned stress-free destination wedding".

Are you ready to deep dive and book your complimentary 30-minute consultations with us? Please click here we will love to get to know you and answer your questions.


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