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Why you should let your airline know you are honeymooners?

Congratulation! You had an amazing wedding day ! All those months of wedding planning paid off with a lovely celebration and now is time for that well deserved dreamy honeymoon.What if your newlywed status could also get you some free honeymoon airline perks?

This is not time to act shy! As with most anything in life, if you don't ask, you won't receive. Do not be afraid to tell anyone you meet at airline—everyone from baggage handler to ticketing agent to flight attendant—that you are on your honeymoon. Why not telling everyone at the airport you just got married and ask if there are any upgrades possible to help get your honeymoon off to a magical start ?

Please be nice, polite and enthusiastic. Most of the time the company will be happy to offer you what they can to make their flight special.

If it is not on your cords to shout from the roof that you just got married there is a more subtle approach. Get yourself some "just married" gear starting with luggage tags or even better call ahead of time the airline company and let them know you will travel as honeymooners . Are you enthusiastic and outgoing? Get personalized tees, jackets, passport covers, and more. All this should do the trick. These clues will entice flight attendants and other airline employees to inquire about your gear, giving you the opportunity to dish the news without having to issue a press release.

I am sure you are perfectly capable of booking your trip but sometimes hiring a professional can reap a different slew of benefits. A Romance Travel Specialist have well-established connections over several decades in the hospitality industry, a travel agent will go the extra mile to make your experience memorable. In other words? You don't have to go into details about your nuptials to the airline because your agent will take care of the task for you, allowing you to sit back and let the glasses of champagne roll your way.

I tell you more, if you hire us between March and May 30th 2020 We will wave any planning fees to help you plan an amazing all inclusive honeymoon in any Caribbean or Mexican destination. How is that as first perk to start an amazing tropical honeymoon?

Click here and let's start planning your romantic getaway

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