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Tyrone's Bachelor Party

Get ready for a great  getaway in

St Martin/ Saint Maarten

August 5/8, 2021

 Join the fun at the FRIENDLY ISLAND


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If you associate the Caribbean with a laid-back atmosphere, a tranquil beach and a quiet sunset, then you haven't been to feisty St. Martin and St. Maarten.


What's the best part of visiting this dual-governed island? You can get a taste of two distinct, lively cultures all for the price of one vacation.


 The 37-square-mile dot is popular with travelers who like to eat well, party hard, and shop duty-free in between trips to the beach.

The north side, St. Martin, is controlled by the French government. It's the home of the island's tastiest restaurants and party beaches. Whereas cosmopolitan St. Maarten shelters the most animated casinos, bars, and clubs. A territory of the Netherlands Antilles, St. Maarten takes up the southern 16 square miles.

But for all the excitement, St. Martin and St. Maarten still foster a stress-free vibe – starting out with how easily you can pass between both sides of the island. So catch a few morning rays on a quiet Dutch-side beach; later, take a leisurely afternoon stroll through a French-side mountain. You'll be more than primed to sneak back over the border for a night in the casinos.


Part of the group will stay at  a private villa, villa Acropolis in while the rest of the group will stay a 5-minute walk distance at the Esmeralda Resort. These locations are situated on the French side of the island on the beautiful Orient Bay at a short walk from the beach, beach restaurant, and activities.

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Orient Bay

Orient Bay Village emerged about thirty years ago and is now considered the place to be in the Caribbean. Known as the “St. Tropez of the Caribbean,” Orient Bay Beach is one of the biggest and most popular beaches on the island.

A Wide Selection of Water Sports

This long, white sandy beach offers a wide mix of water sports to choose from jet skiing, parasailing, Laser Pico sailing, as well as kitesurfing and windsurfing.  The beach volleyball and tennis courts are open to anyone wanting to spend the afternoon playing with family or friends. A few hundred meters away from all the action, the tiny secluded island of Green Cay is perfect for solitude seekers and is excellent for snorkeling. There is also a nudist area at the westernmost end of Orient Bay Beach.

Restaurants and Bars Galore

Orient Bay Beach is lined with a great selection of beach restaurants, so you can choose from local and authentic eateries to more gourmet, refined dining. One thing is certain: you’ll find fruity cocktails and savory Caribbean dishes in any of them.

The village square just steps away, also gets lively in the evening, surrounded by restaurants offering a selection of cuisines from all over the world. Local musicians often play concerts on the square’s bandstand, as well as in the bars along the beach.

Pratical Info



You understand why St. Martin is called the “Friendly Island” when you consider how over 120 nationalities make the island home. Those living on St. Martin’s French side use French in official institutions and schools, however the locals are proud of being bilingual and English is spoken freely. On the Dutch side, both English and Dutch are the official languages. All over the island you will also hear Spanish, Creole, and Papiamento.



The Euro is the official St. Martin currency on the French side, and the Netherlands Antilles Florin (NAF), also known as the guilder, is the official currency on the Dutch side. The US dollar is also commonly used all over, and there are many currency exchange locations and banks on the island. Keep in mind that many establishments do not accept foreign checks, although most locations do accept major credit cards.



  • St. Martin (French side): 220V / 60Hz. European electrical outlets

  • St. Maarten (Dutch side): 110V / 60 Hz. US electrical outlets

On both sides of the island, stores selling appliances, stereo equipment, and cameras also sell power converters as well as European /American outlet adapters, so you can use your electronics on both parts of the island.

There are no natural springs or fresh-water rivers on the island, and running water is supplied by the island’s desalination plant. Like everywhere on the planet, water has become rare, and therefore precious. Bottled spring and mineral water can be purchased island wide.



Several taxi services operate between Marigot, Philipsburg, various neighborhoods, and airports.  

Note: Instead of using meters, taxis have set rates. The majority of them accept both US dollars and euros, particularly those working on the Dutch side. Many taxis operate from Grand Case local airport, from the ferry terminal on the Marigot waterfront (French side), and from Princess Juliana International airport (Dutch side).


Minibuses also provide transportation to most points on the island. These do not operate on a fixed schedule, so in order to catch one, wait at one of the bus stops located all around the island, and signal the driver by raising your hand when you see one approaching. They generally accept both US dollars and euros..


Renting a car is the best way to make the most of your trip to St. Martin island.

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Airport transfer to villa or Esmeralda resort

Dinner -suggested SAO at the Village in Orient Bay


10:00 am transfer villa to Loterie Farm in Pic Paradis

10:30 am Zip Line at Loterie Farm

12:00 am lunch at Loterie Farm **

2:00 pm transfer to the Dutch side of the island

3:00 pm Rum Distillery Tour

5:00 pm transfer back to the villa

7:30 transfer to nightlife in Simpson Bay

transfer back will be decided and paid directly to the taxi


9: 30 am transfer villa to Lab for Covid Test ***

11:00 am transfer from lab to boat dock

12:00 to 4:00 pm catamaran sailing( lunch and drinks included)

4:00 pm transfer back to the villa

6:00 pm transfer from villa to Maho for cigar shopping

7:30 Dinner at Bamboo Bernie**

9:30 Casino Night

 transfers back will be decided and paid directly to the taxi


Transfer back to the airport

*** appointment for the entire group at the lab will be given once we have the info of each component of the group so it might change the final itinerary timing. Please fill your FORM HERE and send it back to as soon as possible

** cost of food, drinks (except for catamaran excursion), cigars, and eventual nightclub entry fees are extra and not included on the package,


We are living in a new era!

Now more than ever it is MUST to keep informed and up to date on all the right procedures to follow in order to have all your documentation for a safe traveling





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It is going to be an amazing getaway!!!

Join Tyrone's at his bachelor party in paradise

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